Lisa’s Published Creative Work

Lisa has begun developmental editing work on her memoir Calamity Becomes Her with fabulous poet Jayne Benjulian, author of Five Sextillion Atoms and waiting to hear back from a spring writer’s residency in Brora, Scotland.

My bittersweet reunion with my love of Wyoming in Laramie, June 2018.


Lisa lives in Massachusetts with her husband Dennis, dog Sabrina and cat Charlie. She earned a B.A. from Regis College and an MBA from Babson College, and holds a Master certificate in Reiki. She rides horses, is an avid cyclist and loves hiking with her dog Sabrina.



Lisa and Beau at Rhapsody Hill Farm, Upton, MA 9/18


  • Awarded Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts Inc. (FCWA) One Month Writer-in-Residency, Wolff Cottage, Fairhope, Alabama, 8/18

You can pick up your copy of ‘Unmasked’ here.

Lisa can be reached at lisa dot demasi at gmail.


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