Work Published and in Progress

Collaborator Charlie

New crime show: “Ninth Window.”

I completed a book-length essay collection at the end of February entitled, “Love and Blood Are the Color Red.” The copy sits with my editor. The word count came to 77,777. Nice omen, no?

Excerpts from the Love and Blood have already been picked up by lit journals. I’m testing the waters, you see. [T-Boned, Grievances] Grievances is a story I’m keeping hush-hush for the reasons stated below.

Light Comes at Dawn

So far this year, my other work has been picked up but has not been posted to Nurture Is My Nature for fear friends and family members will read the stuff and set my person on fire. [It’s that bad, naughty and incriminating.] Don’t know what’s going to happen once the Collection gets published. Off to Canada, maybe.

Lisa can be reached at lisa dot demasi at gmail


  1. Unmasked, Women Write About Sex & Intimacy After Fifty, print, 4/17, The Kickass Formula that Restored My Libido
  2. Vine Leaves Press, print 5/17, Grievances

Literary journals:

  1. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Gravel, 12/4/16)
  2. T-boned (Gravel, 12/4/16)
  3. Forgive Me (Slippery Elm, 12/16)
  4. What More Is There to Ask? (Foliate Oak, 9/1/16)
  5. Becoming Our Fathers (East Bay Review, 2/23/16)
  6. The Subversive Writer (Shark Reef, 7/9/14)

Media Outlets:

  1. Not Having Children Was My Perfect Path (Fiftiness, 12/16)
  2. What More Is There to Ask? (Huffpost, 9/16)
  3. The Secret to Doing What You Love (The Artist Unleashed 9/16; HuffPost 3/15)
  4. The Kickass Formula That Restored My Libido (HuffPost 2/16; Rebelle Society 4/15)
  5. My Dear Friend, the Dirty (HuffPost 1/16; Elephant Journal, 12/14)
  6. She, Mother. Me, Daughter. (Huffpost 2/16; Elephant Journal, 1/15)
  7. What the Wrong Job Can Teach You (HuffPost 1/16)
  8. What Happened When I Performed Reiki on My Conservative Mother (Elephant Journal, 1/15)
  9. Why Regret Is So Deliciously Fun (HuffPost 1/16; Midlife Boulevard 8/15)


One response to “Work Published and in Progress

  1. Hi Lisa
    It’s always great to meet lovely Reiki people. Namastex

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