Lisa’s Published Creative Work

Lisa’s work has been featured in the anthologies, Unmasked, Women Write About Sex & Intimacy After Fifty and The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal. Her essays have been published in lit journals Adanna, The Crux, Fiction Southeast, Gravel, Slippery Elm, Foliate Oak, East Bay Review, and Shark Reef; and several times in media outlets. When she’s not writing, she practices Reiki specializing in unblocking creatives in all mediums and moving them (with humor and love) to the highest vision of themselves as artists.

Sabrina and Lisa, pre-ride.

Lisa is working on a collection of personal essays entitled Love and Blood Are the Color Red with Jayne Benjulian, poet and author of Five Sextillion Atoms, a work sited as “nuanced and gripping, the debut of a skilled portraitist and satirist.”

Nuanced and gripping—Lisa likes the sound of that.

Write to her at lisa dot demasi at gmail.

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