About Lisa

The many faces of lisa_part2

As time goes by and you’re getting older and stuff like that—getting older sucks. You know, I hear all this crap about, ‘Oh, you can age with dignity.’ Really? —Mickey Rourke

Lisa’s creative work has recently placed second in Fiftiness’s 2017 Writing Contest (Why I Love Bike Commuting in Boston) and been featured in the anthologies, Unmasked, Women Write About Sex & Intimacy After Fifty (9/17, print) and The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal (11/17, print). Her essays have been published in the lit journals and several other media outlets. She considers Massachusetts her home, but has lived in Connecticut, Vermont, New York State and two other planets called Wyoming and Arizona. She earned a B.A. from Regis College and an MBA from Babson College, and holds a Master certificate in Reiki.



  1. Fiftiness’s 2017 Writing Contests


  1. The Kickass Formula that Restored My Libido (Unmasked, Women Write About Sex & Intimacy After Fifty, print, 4/17)
  2. Grievances (Vine Leaves, print, 5/17)

Literary journals:

  1. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Gravel, 12/16)
  2. T-boned (Gravel, 12/16)
  3. Forgive Me (Slippery Elm, print, 12/16)
  4. What More Is There to Ask? (Foliate Oak, 9/1/16)
  5. Becoming Our Fathers (East Bay Review, 2/23/16)
  6. The Subversive Writer (Shark Reef, 7/9/14)

Media Outlets:

  1. Not Having Children Was My Perfect Path (Fiftiness, 12/16)
  2. The Secret to Doing What You Love (The Artist Unleashed 9/14/16; HuffPost 3/27/15)
  3. The Kickass Formula That Restored My Libido (HuffPost 2/24/16; Rebelle Society 4/28/15)
  4. My Dear Friend, the Dirty (HuffPost 1/22/16; Elephant Journal, 12/7/14)
  5. She, Mother. Me, Daughter. (Huffpost 2/8/16; Elephant Journal, 1/16/15)
  6. What the Wrong Job Can Teach You (HuffPost 1/8/16)
  7. What Happened When I Performed Reiki on My Conservative Mother (Elephant Journal, 1/26/15)
  8. Why Regret Is So Deliciously Fun (HuffPost 1/15/16; Midlife Boulevard 8/7/15)

One response to “About Lisa

  1. Nice to meet another Reiki person and an animal lover! My little rescue dog gets daily Reiki. 🙂 Warm wishes-Julie

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