About Lisa

During the pandemic, Lisa worked with her editor to complete her memoir “Calamity Becomes Me,” a story in part about proving herself capable of taking care of horses on a Wyoming dude ranch. She will be pitching the manuscript to literary agents in early fall 2021.

Lisa also publishes essays on the writing life, women who inspire her, and her love for horses. Her work has been featured in Horse Network and several literary journals. She has written about her affinity for nature and animals in her collection of essays entitled “Fur Kids and Other Tails: Essays on Love, Career, Writing, and the Creatures Great and Small Who Have Enriched My Life.”

Lisa started riding horses as an early teen but was fired by her teacher, Dink Ironsides, for “riding like a savage.” Her intention had been to “ride like the wind,” a feat she accomplished by riding with her rear-end high up and out of the saddle and entwining her fingers into hunks of mane to keep from falling off. Fast-forward 40 years. We see Lisa forfeiting lessons in the ring for sprouting wings on her mount. Her riding teacher allows her to trot, canter, even gallop, in the cross-country fields.

If Dink could only see her now.

In 2020, she had the pleasure of serving as an EQUUS Film and Arts Festival team member and interviewed several artists to share their processes and inspirations with the Fest’s attendees.

Lisa obtained her MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, MA and a B.A. in Business Management from Regis College in Weston, MA. She also holds a Master Certificate in Reiki. In August of 2018, she was awarded a one-month writer’s residency at Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts Writer-in-Residency in Fairhope, Alabama.

She lives near Boston, where she writes, bikes, hikes, and rides horses.

Visit Lisa’s blog Nurture is My Nature and Twitter profile where she shares her latest equestrian adventures and news about her published work. You can contact her at lisa.demasi@gmail.com.

To see a partial listing of Lisa’s published work, click here.

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