About Lisa and Sabrina

Lisa is a corporate marketing worker-bee seasoned in writing and the Creative process who partners with Executives to grow their professional brands human-to-human and through multimedia channels. She is an avid cyclist, blogger and 20+ time published essayist who digs Handlers who provide their Service Dogs time to play and be doglike. She considers Massachusetts her home, but has lived in Connecticut, Vermont, New York State and two other planets called Wyoming and Arizona. She earned a B.A. from Regis College and an MBA from Babson College, and holds a Master certificate in Reiki.

As time goes by and you’re getting older and stuff like that—getting older sucks. You know, I hear all this crap about, ‘Oh, you can age with dignity.’ Really? —Mickey Rourke

What about Sabrina, her service dog?

Thirty years ago, Lisa was struck and thrown from the passenger side of a car until her abdomen collided with the steering wheel—blunt force that called for iterative repair to her digestive system and caused permanent damage to the nerves that signal her bladder is full. Today when she’s busy working away, Sabrina will alert her to get up every couple of hours (a nudge to the elbow) to make a trip to the restroom. When Lisa suffers acute intestinal cramping, Crohns-like symptoms, Sabrina will sit at Lisa’s side and lean her body against hers. Sabrina’s calm and steady source of nurturing, helps Lisa to relax and mitigates the cramps.

C’mon, who rescued who?

Lisa can be reached at lisa dot demasi at gmail


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